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NEW POSTING (05/31/2013)

Production Worker (2nd Shift) - Farmland Foods, Carroll, Iowa

Farmland Foods is seeking full-time production worker for 2nd shift, must be flexible. Performing a variety of tasks that require manual material handling and the use of hand tools, knives,machinery, and equipment. This work is physically demanding and can require the use of some or all body parts and muscle groups. Good hand eye coordination and upper extremity motor skills are essential for most job tasks. Responsibilities include: maintain regular and predictable attendance, available to work scheduled hours, which may include mandatory overtime. Carrying, lifting, lowering,pushing and pulling of heavy or awkward objects or loads. Ability to understand and follow oral and written instruction from supervisors and designated staff. Compliance with federal inspection programs and company safety and health policies. Equal Opportunity Employer.

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(04/05/2013) Maintenance Supervisor (2nd Shift) - Farmland Foods, Carroll, Iowa

This position is responsible for supervising activities of the maintenance and/or engine room departments to keep building and equipment in proper state of repair. Oversee and direct maintenance and/or engine room personell and processes critical to safe and efficient production of meat products. This is done in order to reduce mechanical downtime and keep product flow and production lines running at maximum. Develop and manager CAR.

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(02/22/2013) Utility/Environmental Coordinator - Farmland Foods, Carroll, Iowa

This position is responsible for operating and maintaining an ammonia refrigeration system and boilers at a 6 and 7 day a week operation. Additionally, this position is responsible for site Environmental Compliance to include; ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, Risk Management Plan, Process Safety Management Program, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, and other regulatory programs. This position is responsible for contributing to a safe work place and minimizing environmental impacts. Under the direction of the General Manager and the Corporate Environmental Manager, this position establishes, directs, and coordinates the management of the Environmental Management System. This position is responsible for contributing to a safe work place and minimizing negative environmental impacts by complying with the EMS policies, procedures, standard operating procedures (SOPs) outlined in the EMS Training Assessment for this position.

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(12/25/13) Plant Engineer I - Farmland Foods, Carroll Iowa

Responsible for managing the activities of the maintenance department to keep building & equipment in proper state of repair. This is done in order to reduce mechanical downtime and keep product flow & production lines running at maximum. Responsible for the development and implementation of maintenance systems associated with High Performing Manufacturing Organizations (Preventative/ Predictive Maintenance, TPM, etc.)

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Employment Hints & Helpful Tips

PVA’s Vocational Program!

Completing On-Line Job Applications

Do Your Homework

Before starting your on-line job application get your homework completed. You will want to have all your application information ready when you start the application process. This information should include:

  • Complete employment information for all your past work experience including; job titles and descriptions
  • Supervisor names and titles, employer addresses and phone numbers
  • Complete education information
  • Military experience
  • Award and honors
Many on-line applications may “time out” if the process exceeds time limits. By having your information ready, you will only need to copy your information.

Follow the Instructions

Please take the time to read and review any instructions listed on the on-line application. Some of the instructions can be long and complicated. Be sure to complete all the information required. Take the time to review your information before submitting.

Complete the Entire Application

You want to make sure that you complete all the sections that the employers are asking for. Competition can be fierce for a lot of positions and an employer may disqualify your application if you have not fully completed your work.

Helpful Hints

  • Give yourself the proper time to complete your application. It may take over an hour to complete. Schedule your time accordingly so you do not have to rush.
  • Pick the best time of day to complete your application. Some people work better in the morning or afternoons. You can avoid additional stress while filling out the information.
You want to be able to send a strong message to the employer about your qualifications. Study the job description to be able to use similar terminology from your own experience.

Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury or Spinal Cord Disease who may be receiving SSDI or SSI and wish to work might consider calling a Paralyzed Veterans of America Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.

Contact information:
Jim Arndt
1 Veterans Drive, Building 76, Room SC139
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55417
Email: jamesa@pva.org