About Iowa Paralyzed Veterans of America

The Paralyzed Veterans of America, a congressionally chartered veterans service organization founded in 1946, has developed a unique expertise on a wide variety of issues involving the special needs of our members-veterans of the armed forces who have experienced spinal cord injury or dysfunction.

PVA will use that expertise to be the leading advocate for:

  • Quality health care for our members
  • Research and education addressing spinal cord injury and dysfunction
  • Benefits available as a result of our members’ military service
  • Civil rights and opportunities which maximize the independence of our members

To enable PVA to continue to honor this commitment, we must recruit and retain members who have the experience, energy, dedication, and passion necessary to manage the organization and ensure adequate resources to sustain the programs essential for PVA to achieve its mission.

Board of Directors


  • Scott Miller - President/National Director
  • Oscar Ballard - Vice President
  • Keith Harvey - Secretary
  • Duane Frideres - Treasurer

Board of Directors

  • Scott Miller - President/National Director
  • Oscar Ballard - Vice President
  • David Graham - Sports Director
  • Michael Brady
  • Lonn Cunningham
  • Dan Nichols
  • Larry Phillips

Iowa Paralyzed Veterans of America Chapter Bylaws

The purposes of the Iowa Chapter of Paralyzed Veterans of America as listed in Article II of the Chapter Bylaws are:

  • To aid and assist in every way veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States who have suffered injuries or diseases of the spinal cord.
  • To publicize the needs of such veterans through every means and channel available in order to effectuate the fulfillment of such needs as far as possible.
  • To promote the full participation of the spinal cord injured or diseased into society by carrying out educational programs and by acquainting the public with their needs and problems and by aiding and assisting such constituent associations which may be organized for the same purposes.
  • To advocate and foster thorough and continuing medical research in the fields connected with injuries and diseases of the spinal cord, including research in neurosurgery, genitourinary, orthopedics, and prosthetic appliances.
  • To advocate and foster a comprehensive and effective reconditioning program for its members, as well as all paraplegics, to include a thorough physical reconditioning program; physiotherapy; competent walking instructions; an active sports program; adequate guidance, both vocational and educational; academic and vocational education, both in hospitals and educational institutions; psychological orientations and readjustment to family and friends, and functional and diversional occupational therapy.
  • To cooperate with other corporations and groups engaged in similar activities with a view toward carrying out the purposes described herein above in the most effective manner.

Read the Iowa Chapter Bylaws in it's entirety here.

Articles of Incorporation

Read the Iowa Chapter Articles of Incorporation here.