2013 Smoke Detector Project

This is a brief explanatory regarding the Smoke Detector Project.
Two years ago, when the 100 year anniversary of the Office of the State Fire Marshal approached, one of the goals of the fire service was to check for and install smoke detectors in many Iowa homes, especially those with young children, elderly or people with disabilities. As a part of this program, State Fire Marshal Reynolds allocated 300 smoke detectors to be installed in homes of people with disabilities who, in order to participate, will need to contact their local fire department or the State Fire Marshal`s Office (fminfo@dps.state.ia.us or 515-725-6154). Teams trained by the State Fire Marshal`s Office would come to each home and install or replace current smoke detectors with dual sensor smoke detectors. Please note that this Smoke Detection Program is supported by donations and there is no cost to participants.

Thank you.

Ljerka Vasiljevic
Design Construction Engineer Senior
Iowa Department of Public Safety
State Fire Marshal
215 E 7th Street
Des Moines, IA 50319
tel: 515-725-6154
e-mail: vasiljev@dps.state.ia.us