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Prosthetics Delay Report Form

As most of you know, PVA remains the lead voice on issues related to prosthetics and recent changes in the process that have caused delays for far too many of our members. We're confronting the problem at all levels, from individual facilities to VISNs to VA Central Office. Now, we've added one more element to our strategy that involves our Chapter partners.

Attached you'll find a newly created Prosthetics Delay Report Form. The form serves two purposes. First, it is intended to give our members the timely opportunity to let us know when their prosthetics are delayed or wrongly denied. Second, it provides us with a data gathering instrument that we can use to identify trends and influence future prosthetics policy.

As directed on the form, PVA members can fax the completed form to the National office or email them as attachments to the address shown. NOTE: The contents of the completed form cannot be electronically saved and emailed; the form will have to be printed and scanned to transmit by email.

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